15 Strategies To Crack Any Competitive Exam

Maria Tariq
5 min readFeb 15, 2021

Entrance/competitive exams are an essential gateway to higher education. There is a complete science lying behind cracking the entrance exams. They say that cracking the entrance exam is a difficult task. But it is not that hard. What you need are two things: critical thinking and an analytical mindset.

Although each competitive exam is subjective, these quick and effortless tips will help you get an excellent rank. These are the basic principles you need to know before starting your preparation.

  1. Planning

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. This basic funda needs your attention. Apply the process of mental creation. Take out a paper. Visualize your goal and write it down. Then figure out all the steps you need to achieve that goal. Write those steps also. Redraw this mind map if you want more clarity. Go through this plan every day to understand the strategy.

Additionally, work on your timetables and planners as well.

2. Work On Your Actions

In competitive exams or generally in any life exam, the outcome is not in your control. Instead, your actions are in your hand. Be proactive enough to improve the actions daily which are needed for success. Work on your strengths, beat the weaknesses and leave the decision to the universe.

3. Leaving The Margin Of Failure

Leave 50% of margin for failure. You will ask “Why?’. Because you are not the only candidate for this exam. It is like an Olympic race. There is a vast number of candidates, but the seats are limited. By giving yourself the margin of failure, it will assure you not get a shock after the result.

4. Practice

Practice makes a man perfect. (women also!!!). Align your practice with learning something new every day. Practice will save you from panicking and exam fear.

5. Keep The Passion Alive.

Passion will save you from burning out. One thing noteworthy. Do not start preparing for the exam out of peer pressure, forced by parents, or for the approval of society. Prepare only if you have a burning desire or a constructive purpose in your mind or heart.

6. Intuitions

Intuitions mean assuming the answers of MCQ’s. Most of the competitive exams are MCQ (multiple choice questions) based. Intuitions will only work in your favor when you will apply them logically. Otherwise, it will just mess up with your exam.

7. Creativity

It will be a surprising tip for all of you. Creativity is all about grasping the necessary points and removing all the unnecessary details. Next time when you will watch the strategy of a topper. Make sure do not copy/paste their journey. Understand your behavioral patterns and surroundings. And then create your personalized strategy.

8. Understand The Need For The Examination.

The pattern of every entrance exam is almost the same. But what separates them from each other is the need for the exam. Just understand the background and the reasons for your entrance exam.

9. Think Out Of The Syllabus.

It is a misconception that your success depends on how many times you have completed the syllabus. The syllabus is just a reference. You should inculcate the art of critical analysis within yourself. Complete your preparation from every aspect.

10. Past Papers

The past papers will help you understand the trend of the exam. And most of the time past paper questions are repeated in the exam. Not necessarily the exact question but the premise could be similar.

11. Self-discipline

Self-discipline is an amalgamation of self-love and self-control.

Self-control includes your strategies to beat procrastination and distractions.

Self-love will ensure that your body gets enough sustenance. Give yourself a daily dose of exercise, good food, and an ample amount of rest.

12. Competition Analysis

Because entrance exam is a competition, you will need to analyze your strategy every time. So, discuss with your friends and then tweak your plan accordingly.

13. Stress Management

Your level of preparation matters but your mental health is of prime importance. Exercise your brain so that it can support you on exam day.

  1. Write down a journal every day.

2. Pinpoint your fears and accept them.

3. Meditate daily to calm your nerves.

Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash

14. Every Candidate Is On The Same Level.

It is not advisable to give excuses to yourself. Be honest and truthful. Each candidate in the exam hall is the same. They will undergo some kind of problems. You just have to focus your attention on your goal.

15. It Is Okay To Fail.

This is a bitter truth. Failure does not mean to give up on your life. It is alright to repeat or completely changing the career path.


Do not put yourself in boxes. Do not limit yourself. Seek out new opportunities. Focus on becoming the better version of yourself every day. Success will be your destiny.