16 Simple Strategies To Be A Marketing Psychology And Customer Behavior Expert

Maria Tariq
6 min readFeb 8, 2021

Marketing and Sales is a life skill. It involves complete science and understandings. One surprising element of marketing is the psychology and behavioral patterns of the consumer.

So, many companies and brands invest a lot to understand human behaviors. Human psychology and behavioral sciences are extremely diversified. But we will stick to basics only.


Marketing Psychology And Consumer Behavior Defined:

Marketing psychology is the interconnection between psychological principles and marketing. To be precise, it is the psychology of decision making and judgment of human beings.

While consumer behavior is the emotional intelligence of buyer while purchasing items.

  • Presentation

Eye-catching graphics and a presentable environment is the foundation of good marketing. Let me give few examples.

· Dressing professionally and warm greeting at a meeting will automatically create a good first impression. Which is known to be a last impression.

· In big shopping malls, you will see flowers, fruits at the front creating freshness and decoration.

· You will lose the customer if website or Instagram page is not presentable.

  • Authenticity

Creating a brand image and authenticity is crucial. For example, a person likes McDonalds. If he is extremely hungry, he will not take a risk of going to a new place. He will go for Mcdonald’s as his first choice.

o Vibes Of A Salesman

Human behavior automatically moves towards positivity and warm welcoming. So, vibes are very important. Few things to note.

I. Confident body language and a smile

II. Give value to the customer.

III. Do not throw tantrums. Be helpful.

  • Taking A Step Back

If the customer does not want a particular thing, please take a step back. Do not act too desperate. It creates an annoying and irritable impression.

  • Price Trick

H&M store experimented a trick. They took the MRI scans of customers while buying a $20 shirt. Next time they put the tag of $30 with a discounted price of $20 and again take the scans. Following were the results.

· MRI scans of the customers buying the shirt without any discount consisted of both pleasure and pain. Because the consumer had to spend money.

· While MRI scans with discounted price consisted of only pleasure. Because they got the discount. But both the prices were the same technically.

And just by the way in the fiscal year 2019, global net sales of the H&M Group amounted to about 24.3 billion U.S. dollars.

  • Scarcity A Sales Tactic

It is a very significant aspect. You must bring out the weaknesses and voids of consumers. Just think if a person wants a coffee, certainly, he wants something different from what he makes at home psychologically. Otherwise, there is no point in spending. So, add value to customer’s life by providing something unique and different. It is pretty simple.

  • Expertise

With all the science of marketing do not forget your specialty and expertise. For instance, if you have a business of chicken biryani. You have put in an effort in customer service, but the taste is not up to the mark. It will not worth it.

While on the other hand if you have left some margin in the customer service. But if the taste of your biryani is exceptional, of course you will have more sales. The customer will not compromise on the product.

  • Addressing A Variety Of Consumers

Communicate with a wider audience. For instance, if you have a woman clothing brand design product for plus size or pregnant ladies as well. in this way you will get a variety of customers. If any plus size lady wants to buy clothes they will automatically opt for your brand.

  • Engagement With Consumers

Take advantage of social media.

I. Post as much as you can.

II. Put out stories on Instagram, do polls, or ask questions.

III. Share customer reviews

  • Anchoring

Anchoring is a concept in which a human being makes a judgment on the initial piece of information provided.

A human being thinks he is a very rational creature, but he is not actually. When a person comes to buy, he will have an idea of the price due to the previous experience. If he will not get that range, he is not going to spend extra money. Put yourself in customers’ shoes.

  • Increasing Features

If you have put in an extra effort in making the product. Then clearly mention the features. So, the customer will get an idea of why this product is costly comparatively. You can mention the country of origin as well in this process. Tell the customer how the features can benefit in their daily lives.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash
  • Customer Service

Customers service will increase the loyalty and depth of customers. The more the time customer will be spent in your store or website, the more will be the sales he will browse the store or website more.

Give them free goodies like salads, soup if you have a restaurant. Free things always create the attention of customers.

  • Construction Science

A very underrated aspect of marketing. Let say you have a superstore.

I. Your main gate should be on the side of traffic.

II. Ikea is a furniture brand. They have only one entry and exit gate. The reason is that customer should visit the whole store.

III. The setting is like cassino. There are no watches or windows. So that customer could not gauge the time.

IV. On the checkout counter some magazines or chocolates are available so that customer automatically picks them up.

V. Basic commodities of a superstore like eggs or bread are put in the different corners to spread the customers.

VI. Eye level is the buying level. Children’s interest products should be within their height range like toys or chochos. This thumb rule can be applied to every item.

  • Discount Trick

Have you ever thought that why all the big brands always have some discount going on? People have that notion then how they earn.

It is the opposite. Those stores which offer discounts often have more sales.

  • Decoy Effect

You will observe it in pricing models.

In Dan Airley’s TEDx talk he explained an ad from The Economist about their latest subscription packages.

  • Online subscription: $59
  • Print subscription: $125.
  • Online and print subscription: $125.

Not cleared?? Airley thought the same. But after studying and experimenting he came to a point. That the print subscription option would act as a gauge for customers that combo deal is better.

Last but not least do not hesitate to make these small investments. Investment is important but risky as well. Marketing will highly depend on your understanding of human psychology and emotional intelligence.