An Ultimate Guide On Meditation For Beginners

Maria Tariq
5 min readFeb 17, 2021


Meditation is undoubtedly a game-changer in the mental health world. So, a lot of misconceptions and myths are attached to it. After reading this blog post, you will be crystal clear about meditation science.

One major misunderstanding about meditation is that it is only for monks and oldies. This is an absolute misinterpretation. Meditation is for every individual out there regardless of any discrimination.

Importance Of Meditation

Here are some sayings by the greatest icons of the world about the benefits of meditation.

  • Gautam Buddha

“Meditate…. Do not delay it.

Lest you later regret it”

  • Steve Jobs

“All my life I have practiced Zen mindfulness, the impact of which can be seen in my professional work. Meditation is the time to know and meet my true self.”

  • Oprah Winfrey

“Take 5 minutes to center yourself. It brings a kind of energy, an intention we have never seen before. If you do not have 5 minutes you do not deserve the life of your dreams.”

  • Bruce Lee

“I meditate every morning. To meditate means to realize the imperturbability of one’s original nature.”

Overview Of Meditation

A common assumption says meditation is to sit in a particular pose and try to concentrate on one thing.

Not really!!!

Here are a few checkpoints for meditation.

  • You are present at the moment.
  • You are conscious of your thoughts. (mindfulness)
  • You are mentally aware.
  • Time and thoughts stop.

Real-life Examples

  • Imagine yourself on a date (You are totally aware and, in the moment, and consciously listening to the other person.)
  • Listening to music
  • Watching a movie whole-heatedly
  • Eating your favorite meal
  • Doing something you are really passionate about.

In all these above-mentioned examples, there is one thing in common, you were happy and that is what meditation is.

Scientifically Proven Benefits

Mediation is an ancient practice done for spiritual well-being. A Harvard MRI study suggested that people who meditate often were more likely to be.

  • Empathy
  • Patent
  • Good communicators
  • Polite
  • Happy
  • Used the word “I” less.

Effect On Physical Health

Meditation is proved to have profound effects on the human body as well. it can be revolutionary for the people who have.

Is Meditation Boring?

Yes, meditation seems to be boring. But if you analyze it with high observation power, you will experience something new about yourself every day. It will help you become more conscious of your actions provided if you do it consistently.

My personal experience

Honestly, I have started doing meditation for the past 6 months on and off. Here is what I realized.

  • I became more creative.
  • I became more emotionally sensitive about other problems.
  • I stopped whining and complaining about trivial matters.
  • I started respecting different opinions.
  • I always took a step back to analyze while giving a statement or taking any decision.

FAQ’S About Meditation

  • How to start meditation?

There are dozens of techniques available. But they are all focused on your consciousness. Precisely, if you are sitting quietly, without any movement or activity, without any judgment. You are meditating.

  • What is the process of meditation?

Initially, just sit at a comfortable place with your back straight. Focus on your natural breath and observe the inhalations and exhalations.

  • Where to start meditating?

There is no specific requirement of a certain place. You can meditate on your bed, at your workplace, or even in a traffic jam.

  • For how long should I meditate?

As a beginner set short time slots. Even for 5 minutes is good enough. A free app called Medito is great for starters. There are a lot of challenges and time slots available.

  • What is the best time to meditate?

Anytime. But preferably during early mornings or in the nights before sleeping. Avoid meditating after a full stomach. You will feel sleepy.+

  • How often should I meditate?

Ideally, daily and consistently. So, if you miss out any day, do not feel guilty. Get back to the track the next day.

  • I am doing yoga and strength training, isn’t it enough?

Yoga and strength training is primarily based on physical fitness. Meditation will act as a catalyst in your mental strength.

  • How long it will take me to realize the benefits of meditation?

Answer: It is highly subjective. It depends usually on your observation power.

  • Are there any disadvantages of practicing meditation?

Answer: There are none as such. But here is an alert. Do not seek out any supernatural experiences.

On a concluding note, start meditation to explore or just for a change. You will certainly learn something new about yourself and this world.