13 Tips To Overcome Procrastination And Become The Most Productive Version Of Yourself

Maria Tariq
5 min readFeb 1, 2021


I can imagine procrastination is the biggest barrier to a successful journey. But like every other habit, you can conquer it through constant practice. Only you should have the courage to get up and take charge of your life.

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Procrastination Defined

Let us understand first what procrastination exactly is:

”It is the state of delaying the work by giving yourself lame excuses.”

Causes Of Procrastination

Procrastination usually happens in these three scenarios:

  • You are uncertain about the results
  • You are doing something unconventional.
  • Or you are something out of your comfort zone.
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I will give you some practical tips to overcome this cycle of procrastination. They will help you optimize and balance your daily routine. Give it a read. No matter you are a student or a businessman or a normal individual. Start working on yourself now.

  1. Morning Routine

They say that how your day will go highly depends on the first hour of the morning. I do not mean to follow a hard-core proper morning routine narrated by a CEO. Just follow some basic principles.

  1. Do not pick up the phone first thing in the morning.

2. Do some yoga or a morning walk.

3. Go through your to-do list or planner.

4. Write morning affirmations.

5. If you have a habit of doing exercise empty stomach, go for it. Otherwise, skip it.

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2. Planning Your Day

The best time to plan the day is on the night before. Whatever form of planning you follow does not matter. It should be according to your work nature. Few things to keep in mind before planning.

  1. Do not stuff work and work on your to-do list. Have some time for relaxation. Do at least one thing daily which you absolutely love.
  2. Understand your golden hours. Which part of the day you are more active? Do the most important task in that time.
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3. Balanced Diet

A balanced diet works a fuel. Now I do not mean you start starving. Just cut out unhealthy stuff from your diet. Eat home-cooked food. It is more than enough.


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4. Physical Activity

Add physical activity to your day as well. Again, do not start weightlifting if you have not done it before.

Physical activity can be any kind of sport or cardio activity you enjoy.

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5. Sleep Quality

Do not underestimate your sleep hours. A good uninterrupted peaceful sleep gives you that rest needed. A restless mind is more prone to procrastination.

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6. Meditation

Meditation is again some help. It calms your nerves and relaxes your mind. A peaceful mind gives you more ideas and mindfulness.

7. Cutting Out Negative Influence

A big reason for procrastination is the excessive consumption of social media. As excess of everything is bad. Just try to be at least a few hours in a day without a phone.

Similarly, ignore the toxic people around you. Who just makes you feel do not worry. Life is all about the chill. Be aware of those red flags. So, watch the content and be with those people who encourage you to work hard.

8. Taking Responsibility

The transition from childhood to adult is based on one thing. That only you are responsible for your own life. By controlling your actions, you can automatically control the results. So, take responsibility for your life because only you are the master of your fate.

9. Having A Higher Purpose

The one thing which can keep you going your whole life is a higher purpose. You can achieve your short-term goals but after that, only a purpose can motivate you. The purpose is subjective and varies. So, identify your own and work towards it.

10. Prioritization

Prioritization is one of the best ways to beat procrastination. During the whole day, we waste time on a lot of stuff that is not worth our time. So be observant enough to identify those habits. And start prioritizing your life.

12. Questioning

Questioning makes us human beings different from animals. So, spend time with yourself and ask relevant questions. Like:

  • How can I improve?
  • Where I am wrong?

This questioning habit will inculcate critical thinking in yourself.

13. Consistency

In this journey, treat yourself as a child. Who commits a mistake and learn from it. It is okay if you detract once in a while but do not give up.

On a concluding note, do not expect to overcome your procrastination overnight. It takes months and even years. However, with patience and persistence, everything is possible.