18 Skills Everyone Out There Should Master

Maria Tariq
6 min readFeb 19, 2021

To attain success in life, the list of skills required is endless. Because our environment is changing at such a fast pace, it is sometimes difficult to cope up with it. Learning a major skill and many small minor skills will help you stay relevant. Also, vital for your personal and professional growth.

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In general, there are two types of skills.

· Hard skills:

They refer to the skills you need to excel in your job and business particularly to earn money.

· Soft skills:

They are personal traits or qualities of a person innate or learned over time. They act as a catalyst in your success journey.

Most of these skills are not taught to us in school, so it is important to learn outside the classroom as well. These skills are profitable and creative at the same time. And super interesting and easy to learn.

  1. Digital Skills

Technology is a part and parcel of our lives. We do not need to hack a computer, but it is impossible to survive without a digital presence. Usually, commerce and science students complain that they do not know basic coding. Or how to use excel. But more than half of your world is existing digitally, so you need to know the fundamentals of them. For instance:

  • Understanding the functioning of the internet
  • Video creation
  • Digital currencies
  • Data analytics

2. Communication Skills

Man is a social animal. In this context, you need to know how to communicate with people to appear charismatic. It is an example of a soft skill. Few basic examples of good communication are:

· You can talk fluently in English or in your official language or mother tongue.

· You know the skill of grabbing attention. It includes body language as well.

· You know the art of doing a humble and positive talk.

3. Creative Thinking

It is also a soft skill. It primarily comprises your out-of-the-box thinking. Everyone is definitely blessed with some creative ability that needs your attention. So, find that and then create your own path and style.

4. Financial Skills

Finances seem to be a tricky field. But it is important to have a sound financial system in your life. you just need to understand some essential terms like

· Personal finances

· Investments

· Provident funds

· Pension policies

· Taxation rules

There are a few apps that will help you learn finances.

· Fin shots

· Small case

· The economic times

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5.Finesse Work

It means how precisely you perform the tasks provided to you. You should learn how to focus on small details. Ideally, be someone on whom everyone is clear that this person will deliver an awesome job.

6. Presentation Skills

You have always assumed that presentation is given only by the head or boss. Not really!! We all should learn how to express our thoughts and ideas to anyone. What you need to master this skill is

· Storytelling ability

· Art of public speaking

· Body language techniques etc.

· Workplace professionalism

Professionalism includes your work ethics, consistency, the effort put into a task. So, it is important to practice patience, persistence, and the skill of never giving up.

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7. Fashion Skills

Fashion is not limited to only good looks nowadays. It is a very old-school thought of linking fashion with richness and brands only. A good fashion sense includes.

· Education of different attires

· Weather condition

· Your comfort clothing.

So, start educating yourself about fashion through blogs and magazines. Edith heads an eight-time Oscar-winning designer once said.

“You can achieve anything in life if you dress up for it.”

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8. Balanced Thinking

It is more of an attitude rather than a skill. It focuses on

· Finding a positive outlook on life

· Learning from failure.

· Maintaining a good vibe while meeting people etc.

It increases the chance of endless opportunities.

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9. First Aid Techniques

Often in our daily routine, either we face injuries or the people around us meet an accident. In this case, the first aid comes in handy. It ranges from applying the basic bandage to dealing with a person facing sudden issues like angina pain.

10. Critical thinking

It deals with your questioning ability. Like,

· Understanding the technology involved in appliances like a fridge or air conditioner etc.

· Analyzing the secret behind the success of the greatest icons of the world.

11. Journaling Skills

Maintaining a journal is a fantastic habit. Note down your learnings throughout the day. Like how you can improve targeting your life goals? It also de-stresses your mind while overthinking.

12. Time Management

It is a cliche statement that time is money. But is undoubtedly true. The people who can manage their time are productive and multitaskers.
So, make your daily planners and timetables to save your time.

13. Motivation

Motivation is discipline. If you have written down your purpose, you will always jump up to the next step after your accomplishments.


Cooking is a kind of meditation. After lockdown, most of us have learned how to cook a good meal with minimum ingredients. Cooking will assist you in healthy eating because you will be conscious of ingredients.

15.Basic Photography

What is better than mastering the art to capture good moments. But basic photography and editing skills will help you in long run.

16. Problem-solving Skills

You will be blessed in disguise with problems throughout life. So, learn the art of decision-making and insightful judgment.

17. Sales Skills

Sales skill is another life-saving aspect. It includes how easily you can convince someone about your idea, talent, or product. Most people during the recruitment process check how the person can market himself.

18.Leadership Skills

Learn leadership skills to lead the world. While at the workplace or home, some people will always look up to you. So, try to inspire people and tackle problems without being panic.

A Bonus Tip

It is the skill of self-love. Your mind and body have a right on you. So, give your mind sustenance by daily exercise and meditation. Making healthy food choices is also an art. Entertain yourself to expect a return.

Lastly, learn gradually but persistently. Do not push yourself too hard. Slow and steady wins the race. And small drops of water form the mighty ocean.